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Major works of the Assia Djebar

Major works of the Assia Djebar

Assia Djebar is well known women for her anti-political stances happened in Algeria and for anti-patriarchal which came to be the base for her to choose the novel writings. Due to her contribution to the writing work made her to participate in the literary feminist movement especially where there is huge number of females. One of her best writing work is nothing but her foremost novel named “The mischief” and in the year of 1957 the book was been published. In this novel she expressed the thoughts of the woman asserting herself to fulfill sexual desire with her affair. This novel went against the thoughts and views of the traditional Muslim women and this even has not been known to her father as the novel published in the name Assia Djebar. The guts to publish this kind of novel will show that Assia Djebar has a strong feminist spirit and she created a great impact among people.

About the personal life and legacy of Assia Djebar

In 1958 Assia Djebar married to Ahmed OuldRouis after getting married she was the member of the Algerian team who fights against the French occupation this created a conflict in their marriage life. After attaining this position in society, the couple of Mr&Mrs Ahmed ouldRouis eventually divorced from their marriage life. Then in 1980 Assia Djebar remarried (MalekAlloula) a poet and the writings of Alloula made her admirable and due to his inspirations in writing she also focused on writing the poems and novels again. After publishing around 15 novels, many literatures and poems on different topics like society, life of Muslim women and women freedom she dies on 6thFeburary 2015. Still Assia Djebar is found to be the great feminist for her writings about the life of Muslim woman and her desires.


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