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Coronavirus Patients Recovered In South Korea

Coronavirus Patients Recovered In South Korea

President Moon Jae-in got an emergency instruction from Head of state Chung Sye-Kyun, Friday, relating to the fast spread of the coronavirus in Korea. The leader of a small spiritual sect at the facility of the very early coronavirus break out in South Korea was apprehended early Saturday for purportedly blocking the federal government’s initiatives to include the spread of the pandemic. Nevertheless, it is distressing to understand that the nation is using human civil liberties about spiritual discrimination. For many, the problems from March as well as April when the nation went right into “extensive” physical distancing are still fresh. On March 4, the KCDC created and also carried out specific operating standards for drive-through screening facilities as an efficient and also quick analysis examination handling location versus health centers; wide ranges promptly opened up quickly after.

God created God’s new kingdom and new people with people who are born with God’s seed today. God’s purpose is to create the Kingdom of God by harvesting the ripe fruit from the seeds sown 2,000 years ago. Because we believe in God, we must become a glorious light like God’s family and His children. We must also understand the Bible perfectly. This is what we have to do. Lee greatly emphasized, saying, “Because of God’s grace that you will pass today, you must thank God and Jesus. Still, the reason why I’m here today is “Shincheonji, the Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony ‘is the temple of God that was promised and the only place where the word of life comes out at the second coming of Jesus.” In connection with this graduation ceremony, with 100,000 congregation members a year, it is said to be the newest event not only in the Republic of Korea but also worldwide.

It is as if ten churches with 10,000 members have been founded in one year. Especially, it is important to understand that Shincheonji, the Church of Jesus, is only possible to enter after completing six months of education and must pass a graduation exam.


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