Underbelly OUT NOW

Release date: 10th Feb 2017  0n

Payper Tiger Records

Underbelly, VEYU’s upcoming six track record brings new force to the fore, showcasing the characteristic soundscapes and vocal harmonies they are known for, but punctured by cross rhythms of battling bass and charging drums. It stampedes rapidly and paradoxically under euphoric synths and fluid guitar textures. The stirring of these elements together conjures up a push and pull of light and dark twisting and pulling the sonic fabric into flight, adding lift and lightness to the quarrelling lower-end. Lyrically Beesley explores themes of mortality, moral conflict, anger and a sense of sanctuary. A progressive shift from their embryonic debut, VEYU have unfurled and are in full bloom.

Born from an uncompromising and fastidious mindset, VEYU take a completely autonomous approach with all aspects of their art. Together with the creation and release of their music, all artwork, photography, screen printing of merch, and running of their own special audio/visual ‘I/O’ nights, is completely managed by the band itself.